Research and Market predicts that the live streaming industry is going to reach $70 billion in 2021. The market figure was $30.29 billion in 2016.  Live streaming is turning more heads on social media than any other form of content marketing. Today, social media marketers are tuning in Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to interact with people through live video.

You will be amazed on how the world is revolving around  live streaming and the opportunity it brings with it. This will be the next big THING and you can jump into it too!

Over 1,000 villagers learn livestreaming at college set up by Alibaba in Zhejiang

Source: Xinhua (read more)
Published: 2020/8/12 9:36:14

Villagers take livestreaming class at the Village Livestreaming College in Wantian Township in Quzhou City, east China’s Zhejiang Province, July 18, 2020. More than 1,000 local villagers have learned livestreaming at the Village Livestreaming College set up in Wantian Township by China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba since its founding in April this year. (Xinhua/Huang Zongzhi)

Foreigners Join China’s Live-Stream Sales Army

Source: The Straits Times (read more)
Published: 2020/11/09 5:00:00

Mr Lalo Lopez at a studio in Shanghai where he usually live-streams to offer products on an AliExpress channel in his home country Spain. Chinese agencies are training foreign hosts in China and recruiting influencers abroad, in hopes of hooking onto a winning selling pattern.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

By far, live streaming has the lowest barrier of entry to start as a business and the possibilities of selling + earning limitlessly. All you need is a phone to start selling. To be very honest, live streaming is not about looking good only. Looking good alone will not bring you sales.

You’ll need tactics & strategies!

I am sure you have seen at least 1 livestream before. Some of you may have also purchased or at least tempted to buy. Have you ask yourself why?There are tactics and strategies to seal the deals and these are definitely learnable.

Now, this is your opportunity to learn from professional livestreamers (we called them the practitioner). These are the people who are already earning from livestreaming UNLIKE those talk and talk people.

We have partnered with the Trio (Michelle Chia, Pornsak & Addy Lee) from and curated a 1-day power packed programme to introduce the concept with real live streaming experiences. By the end of the course, you will learn the untaught tactics & strategies and methods to live stream (sell) successfully.

Example of Mdada Live streaming

This is a SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Course and you (Singaporean above 25) can use your Skillsfuture credit to pay for it (as low as S$0 if you tap on skillsfuture credit).

Live streaming is being used as a channel for growth because it helps to create a community for the business and brand. Through this programme, participants will learn to leverage live streams to help boost their online presence and adopt it as part of their marketing strategies.

By creating content to entertain and interact with social media viewers, this allows them to attract potential customers. This 1-day programme introduces the concept and use cases of live streaming, and a preparation checklist to start live streaming, and various methods to live streaming successfully.

Course Objectives

  • Learn effective social media platforms live stream marketing to transform their business and brand
  • Obtain an insight into the world of live streaming and develop a livestreaming growth mindset
  • Master the fundamentals of live streaming
  • Develop memorable first impressions online: Exude charisma and shine on live streams
  • Discover and apply products, services in live streams with a live stream promotion plan
  • Use proven communication techniques to connect and engage with audience online
  • Identify creative sales opportunities in online-to-offline commerce (O2O, enticing consumers within a digital environment to make purchases of goods or services from physical businesses)

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